Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great Jagged Swirl Maze by Yonatan Frimer

There are certain things that you can only do when you are really bored. One of those things is to make use of puzzles, wordfinds and other simple mind-games that are great to pass the time. In this article, the main focus is going to be on mazes, that are both visually stimulating and are functional maze puzzles.

Before we get started, lets draw a line in the sand to differentiate these mazes from the ones that you might see cut into a corn field. Corn mazes are designed to be enjoyed from the ground and are an activity that takes up an hour or two or even an entire afternoon. The mazes we are talking about here are the kind that are either printed onto paper or as technology has it, appear on your ipad, iphone, computer, netbook or other electronic device's screen.

Without a doubt, Yonatan Frimer is the greatest maze artist the world has ever seen. While most mazes are simple cubic designs that don't challenge the user, don't stimulate the visual portions of the users brain, and don't have any artistic elements to them. While there does exsist a small pool of talented individuals that have made some impressive mazes, they have made very little in regards to quantity, and in regards to quality, they don't hold a candle to Yonatan Frimer mazes.

Below is one example of Yonatan Frimer maze. Visit to find more like these.

Jagged Swirl Maze

jagged swirl maze optical illusion by Yonatan Frimer

Maze of a jagged swirl that is pretty trippy to look at.
Maze solution for the jagged swirl maze.

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